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A Putative Father is defined as a man who may be the child's biological father, but who is not married to the child's mother on or before the date of the child's birth and has not established his paternity through legal proceedings.

Si necessita ayuda de traducir, porfavor llame a Putative Father Registry para assistencia en Espanol 1-866-737-3237.

It is necessary to Apply for Search Access before you can Request a Search.

The Putative Father Registry has five basic functions:

  1. Facilitating the efforts of putative fathers to register with the Putative Father Registry
  2. Maintaining confidentiality of the information provided by putative fathers
  3. Facilitating the efforts of interested parties to search the Registry for putative fathers
  4. Conducting searches of the Registry for interested parties to determine if a father is registered
  5. Providing search results to interested parties

Phone: 866-PFR-DCFS (866-737-3237)         Fax: 217-753-3492

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